• Lùltimo Sicilian Bitter

    This product is not for sale to persons under 18 years of age.

    Moderate consumption is recommended.
    Ingredients: water, alcohol, sugar, natural aromas (infusions of orange peel and spontaneous herbs)
    Produced and bottled: for Magma srl
    Content: 70,0 cl
    Country: Sicily – Italy
    Serving temperature: cold
    Alcohol content: 30% vol.
    Name: liqueur
    Packaging: wax sealed glass bottle, customised box made to measure.


    LùBar Prosecco

    The origins of Prosecco sparkling wine are ancient.
    Today Prosecco DOC is unarguably one of Italy’s most well-known wines around the world.
    Bubbles for every day of the week, this wine is the result of a great balance between modern and traditional techniques that enhance its characteristics. The silty-clay soil presents a terrain that is highly structured and the choice of a respectful cultivation towards the environment emphasize its quality and recognition. The grapes grown in a vineyard of over 60 hectares are vinified and transformed into typical wines including notably the Prosecco, originating from an accurate clonal selection which finds in these locations an ideal environment to express its potential.

    Colour: Light and brilliant yellow
    Bouquet: Fruity with predominant notes of apple and acacia blossom
    Flavour: Fresh and elegant
    Alcohol content: 11% vol.
    Gastronomic pairing: Excellent as a cocktail. Ideal with every meal


    Designation of origin: DOC Treviso
    Year: 2015
    85% Glera, 15% Pinot Bianco
    Terrain: silty, clay, loam
    Pruning and training method: Sylvoz, double guyot
    Density of vines per hectare: 2.300 – 4.000
    Harvest period: first 10 days of September 
    the selected and healthy grapes are pressed with a soft pressing process, after which the must begins its fermentation process with selected yeasts at a controlled temperature.
    Refinement: storage in steel vats at a controlled temperature
    Method: Metodo Italiano, secondary fermentation in autoclaves for one month
    Residual sugar: 11g per litre
    Alcohol content: 11% vol
    Colour: light and brilliant yellow
    fruity with predominant notes of apple and acacia blossom
    Flavour: fresh, smooth and elegant, cheered by bubbles that exalt its fruity notes
    Suggested serving temperature: 6-8 °C
    Gastronomic pairing: excellent as a cocktail, ideal with every meal and unmissable company for every occasion.

Weight 5,7 kg