• In ages more glamorous than ours, when smoking was more of an expression than an exhalation, Cigarette cases ruled.

    They were objects of decoration, intrigue and desire.

    Silver- screen darlings coaxed cigarettes from silver cases before delivering coquettish comebacks; Oscar Wilde presented them as tokens
    of affection to friends and lovers, and in The Man with the Golden Gun, Francisco Scaramanga fashioned his famous weapon from one.
    Now they are having a renaissance.

    After all, who needs khaki cardboard, rotting teeth and threats of erectile dysfunction?
    Introducing the Smoking Jacket.

    Handcrafted in London from the finest fabrics.

    The chance for your cigarettes to dress for any occasion.

Weight 0,200 kg

Crocodile Rock, Fatehpur Sikri, Indian Blue, Indian Green