• Reusable Masks
    Our masks are made from 100% Cotton to which they were made certified treatments to make the fabric:


    These treatments last a maximum of 10 washes but with some simple precautions having to be washed rigorously every day, here

    • Wash them even at 40º
    • Use sanitizing and sanitizing products (such as Napisan)
    • Once dry, iron them so that the heat from the iron reactivates the patina water repellent

    To be sure that the water repellent is active, even after 10 washes, just take a bottle cap, fill it and pour it on the mask e if the drop is not absorbed it means that it is active, otherwise it means the time to replace it is coming!
    Obviously, if the mask is tested under running water it will fail to retain it due to the quantity and pressure exerted by the water, since it is a treatment created and designed to counteract transmission Droplet (droplets of saliva) of the virus.


  • Italy: 4-5 days; Italian Islands: 5-6 days; EU: 4-5 days

    ** Fast shipping to Milan (delivery within 12-48hrs) is available for this product