• Quantity: 85 straws per packet
    Colour: grey or green
    Composition: Rice flour, tapioca starch, sesame seed natural colouring for grey version and spinach natural colouring for green version
    Certifications: BRC for EU and FDA for USA. Produced in accordance with European standards ISO 22000
    Use: cold beverages, not recommended for hot beverages because they tend to melt and for fizzy beverages because a foam effect is created due to the low oxygen level so it’s advised to pour the fizzy drink in a glass before inserting the straw
    Size: diameter 8mm, length 22cm (very soon also 15cm length will be available)
    Weight: 499g per packet
    Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, until 18 months from the production date which is found on the back of the packet
    Classification: After use they can be discarded as organic waste or even as fish food.

    N.B. Recommended use with cold beverages, they can remain immersed up to one hour in the drink, if used for longer they may snap.

  • Italy: 1-2 days; Italian Islands: 3-4 days; Remote locations: 3-4 days; EU: 2-3 days; Extra UE: 7 days

    ** Fast shipping to Milan (delivery within 4-24hrs working hours) is available for this product


Green, Grey