Villa Reale

Milano, Via Palestro 16

Everyday from 8am to midnight(Sunday and Monday from 8am to 11pm)
+39 0283527769



In 2017,  LùBar opens a cafeteria, bistrò and restaurant at Milan’s Villa Reale, which hosts the Modern Art Gallery, in Via Palestro 16, a central location, well served by public transport and with the ability to park, next to offices and to the Montanelli Gardens.
Villa Reale is the perfect synthesis of LùBar entertainment: it’s open from dusk ’til dawn and dedicated to a highly varied public. The space in itself is, in fact, sophisticated, relaxing and soothing: the scenographic objective is to create a sensorial holiday experience all throughout, from sight to taste.

Since 1903, the Modern Art Gallery preserves the modern art collection of the City of Milan, an artistic patrimony of about 3500 works of art, which have found their home in the splendid Villa Reale household, in the heart of the city, since 1921.
Leopoldo Pollack (Giuseppe Piermarini’s student) designed it between 1790 and 1796 for the Count Ludovico Barbiano from Belgiojoso. Villa Reale then became the residence of the Viceroy Eugenio from Beauharnais, Napoleon’s stepson, who completed its decorative sumptuous apparatus: it is amongst the highest examples of neoclassic milanese architecture and it includes also a magnificent English-styled romantic park.

Antonio Canova, Andrea Appiani, Francesco Hayez, Tranquillo Cremona, Giovanni Segantini, Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo, Giovanni Boldini, Medardo Rosso, Gaetano Previati are just some of the names amongst the great artists who are part of the collection, and they are all undiscussed protagonists of the milanese and italian history of art.

Masterpieces from the XIX and XX century have enriched the artistic patrimony of the Gallery, also thanks to the private collections and donations by some prominent families, amongst which Grassi and Vismara. Some of these include works of art by Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cézanne, Pablo Picasso, Amedeo Modigliani.

In the fifties, architect Ignazio Gardella was charged with installing the Grassi Collection: the project reflects the idea – which at the time was highly ahead of time – of a museum as a living and evolving organism.
Recently refurbished, thanks to a partnership with UBS, the Gardella installation is one of the rare examples of museum solution able to conciliate the rationalist rigour for existing elements, thanks to a variety of innovative solutions unheard of at the time found by the architect that conjugate the architect’s expressive needs, the exhibition space and the collection’s configuration.

Today, the Modern Art Gallery presents an exhibition activity which is open to the dialog with applied arts, with contemporary languages and to thematic areas dedicated to the artists who are part of the permanent collection.

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